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Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon

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May 5, 2012

I was just bolting down to the finish line as if I was running away from a crazy dog or a bad dream. One more half marathon had ended and this time it did not feel like half death. Due to the lack of a meticulously executed training plan, I had told myself  that I would keep the timing and the stupidity under control. So, I ran this race well with myself without trying to outpace my mind. In the end, I thought it was beautifully executed race. I kept my pace around 10:19 min/mile and I came home without wincing. 

About the race itself, this is one of the prettiest courses I have ever run. I would put it right alongside my runs in Mammoth lakes and in Stanley Park, Vancouver. The entire race is run amidst old, tall and fabulous Redwood trees whose presence make you feel insignificant in the worldly scheme of things.  If you ever want to run a race married to your watch and times, this is a bad place to do it because this is one of those races you need to enjoy  the surroundings around you and run.  Yet, if you are picking a race to do a PR, this is not a bad choice at all because the course is flat and easy. 

One last word- I tip my hat to the organizers Six Rivers Running Club []. The arrangements were excellent and the aid stations were abundant. A well managed race and kudos to all the volunteers. There was nothing haphazard and stressful about running here. ImageImageImage

Cameras can never do justice to the beauty of this place and my camera and photography skills might make them look ordinary. So, please check this out for yourself.

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May 11, 2013 at 6:35 pm

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An untimely pain in the butt

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Words(especially mine) do not do justice to the beauty of the beaches and the colors of the twilight sky in Maui. The beaches are not as cold as the ones in Northern California.  I recommend the beach resorts in Western Maui just because there is a running trail quite close to the beach with an uninterrupted view of the ocean and the running is quite exceptional.

Just when things felt perfect, Mr. Murphy had to play his cards. After two days, for the first time in seven years, I picked up an injury. I pulled my gluteus maximus( buttocks in pure English) not while running but while putting the little one in the stroller.  I had to haul myself to the spa (maiden appearance at the spa) in the resort for a deep tissue massage. Gentlemen, be very careful if you ever have to enter a spa. There is an unnerving tranquility about the place and you are treated very respectfully as if someone is going to illegally harvest your kidneys and feed it to the koi fish.

The massage therapist at the spa was straight out of Haight and Ashbury – did not own a microwave or cellphone, thought Food Inc was the best movie ever made and does not drink Coke or Pepsi in spite of being an Iowan – a self-proclaimed old fashion hippie. The best part of the session was there were no serious complications. But I was advised against snorkelling or scuba diving – one of which I was planning to do. The irony of the situation was that I had just begun reading Christopher McDougall’s bestseller – “Born to Run”, a book that talks about the exceptional running abilities of a tribe in Mexico and how humans were born to run.

I soon realized that there is justice in this world. Maui was experiencing the worst high tide in 16 years and no snorkelling/scuba tours went out. Thank you, Al Gore for making the oceans spill over.

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September 9, 2011 at 11:22 am

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