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Hillary on Papa Bear’s Show

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Hillary Clinton was on Bill O’Reilly’s ( At the Colbert nation we affectionately refer to him as Papa Bear) and I should say matched him very well. People do not want to say the “socialist” word in this country. Look how she evades the “socialist” tag at the 2:20 to 2:35 mark in the video below. I am still shaking in disbelief that Papa Bear is so upset that there will be more tax cuts for the “rich, richer and richest” if the Democrat comes to power. Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? You make more, you pay more taxes.

Here is another brilliant video in which Senator Bernie Sanders, who is a democratic socialist appears on Colbert Report and makes a strong statement for tax cuts for the rich and the wealthy. The section starting from the 3 minute mark to the end of the interview where Stephen demystifies the “trickle down” or “dribble down” theory is hilarious and epiphanous.

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Written by Sudarshan Suresh

May 2, 2008 at 12:42 pm