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⁃Meaningless recollections from Cancun, Mexico

Our sincere thanks to United Airlines  for keeping it civil on our flight.

Most travel writers will tell you that the first thing you notice about Cancun is the turquoise blue water. But the first thing I noticed were the long immigration lines. Please practice mindfulness or take some Ambien.Post immigration, wear your snorkeling mask. It will help you navigate the ocean of timeshare sharks in the airport premises.


During your Grandmom’s times, most people went to Cancun for the beach. Now, most people come to take a pic in front of a sign that spells Cancun. Millennials head there first. There are no lines at the beach and it can wait. Talking about the ocean, the water temperature is really warm. Some say use sunscreen but I say let it burn.The Mayans never used sunscreen, you thin skinned dimwits!


After a long  family discussion about which tour to take, I decided democratically to pick the one with free alcohol. We went to Chichen Itza. You are not allowed to climb the pyramid there. Go with a tour guide who does not compromise the truth for tips. We went with Jaime Garcia. He was stupendous. Even the six year old who was getting deep fried in the hot sun was riveted .


We also went to few other ruins in Coba and Tulum. They let you climb the pyramid in Coba. The climb is a moment of epiphany. 1000 years ago, the Mayans were figuring out how to build these incredible structures and now we are worried about taking the perfect selfie and posting it on social media. A precipitous fall indeed !


One of the other highlights of this trip was swimming in sinkholes called Cenotes(Google them). A deeply refreshing swim, so get in even if you are not a swimmer. Life jackets are mandatory so your risk of sinking is the lesser than the risk of getting bruised up by  a United flight attendant.  


We went snorkeling in the reef near Punta Nizuc. I recommend the crew at Aquaworld but the reef was a little bit of a letdown with just some fish and a few underwater sculptures. First snorkeling trip for the six year old so it was still worth it. Another moment of epiphany – As we were putting on the life jackets, one of the woman asked the crew for a next size life jacket as she was worried that the smaller size would pop her artificially enlarged breasts. That that person, that that problem.  


Regarding food, as non consumers of red meat and seafood, our options were limited but we did relish the local Mexican cuisine. A personal note to restaurants in America, please trade Nachos for Chilaquiles. We did the most atrocious thing of eating at a fancy Indian place(Elefanta) one night. I have never eaten in a place in North America which served four Gulab Jamuns and two large scoops of ice cream in a single order. So this place deserves its four stars!


All in all, a very relaxing trip. Go for the beaches but stay for that sign that spells Cancun.

Written by Sudarshan Suresh

July 28, 2017 at 6:11 pm

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