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Email Forwards

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I am sure every Indian who has access to email has received an email forward stating  how Indians are shining in the United States and you can become more Indian by merely forwarding the email to 10 other “less” Indians.

Going by this barometer for Indianess, D.Purandeshwar, the minister of state for Human Resource Development can be called “Most Indian” because she read that forward out in the Rajya Sabha. I am wondering whether anyone was awake in Rajya Sabha because that is the place that politicians go when the matinee show in the local cinema hall is pathetic.

36% of scientists at NASA are Indians: Govt survey-India-The Times of India

The figures of Indian successes were given to the Rajya Sabha on Monday by D Purandeshwari, minister of state for HRD, in defence of the country’s higher education system and the state of research.

We would have easily believed Ms. Purandeshwari’s well researched speech if Times of India had not exploded the myth. In a stellar piece of journalism for which you need to read the entire article, ToI has torn the face mask of these ignorant politicians.
India rising in US: Govt falls victim to net hoax-USA-World-The Times of India

There is no survey that establishes these numbers, and absent a government clarification, it appears that the figures come from a shop-worn Internet chain mail that has been in circulation for many years. Spam has finally found its way into the Indian parliament dressed up as fact.

The world would have been a cruel piece if not for Times of India. In a thrilling conclusion to this three piece mythbuster by ToI, look for a piece in tomorrow’s paper on how Purandeshwari actually gave her checking account number to Mr. Saleh Ahmad Bardouzzi so that he could transfer the assets of his estranged President to her account.

Here is a piece of dirt that fell out of the recycle bin: Purandeshwari is the daughter of the son of the soil NT Rama Rao.

Written by Sudarshan Suresh

March 13, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Posted in Garbage Post

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