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Wire Tapping Debate in Tamil Nadu, India

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Don’t you get the feeling that we have arrived on the world scene and are going to become a super power when you hear our legislature debating the same kind of things the US senate debates.  In this case, Tamil Nadu has risen to the stellar heights of the United States by discussing the wire tapping, a practice that a local daily has claimed is happening in Tamil Nadu. 

Wire Tapping in Tamil Nadu

Tension prevailed in the State Assembly on Tuesday when PMK president G K Mani alleged that the ruling DMK government was tapping the telephone lines of political leaders in the State. Denying the charges, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi informed the House that only phones of anti-socials and ultras were being tapped by the police.

How can GK Mani ever be happy with that reply because the CM just said that the phones of anti-socials and ultras are being tapped but he did not say the leaders were not anti-socials, which is most certainly the case with a lot of men who get elected in India. Karunanidhi rose to fame just by his powerful language and here he proves it again why he is a magician with words šŸ™‚

For a more interesting wire tapping debate, visit this page onNSA Wiretapping.

After seeing this, I must send a hard hitting latter to the Information and Broadcasting Minister on India to put our legislative and parlimentary sessions on youtube. It is make interesting viewing.

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Written by Sudarshan Suresh

January 29, 2008 at 11:38 pm

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