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It was Gross Man!

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I am sure why the Bears lost the Super Bowl. Lovie Smith skipped his Sunday mass and decided to see some film to analyze the game. While Lovie was seeing film, Dungy was seeing the Faith. God brought the rain, instructed Satan to sleep with Rex in the afternoon and thus the Bowl was won.

I wasn’t sure what Mr. Rex was doing there? After he threw the first interception, Rex’s situation was most appropriate for Southwest Airlines “Wanna get away?” series of ads. I am sure that Rex will make an appearance again on Super Bowl Sunday next year but that time it will be during the breaks where he would have replaced K Fed in that commercial for Nationwide Insurance. Rex will be tossing a Chicago Pizza instead of the pigskin and the punchline “Life hits you fast” can run underneath.

While everyone in sports talk radio has been saying it wasn’t just Grossman, I think it was Grossman who engineered the defeat. He bobbled snaps, threw interceptions and pushed his team out of contention while his defense kept them in the game. If the defense put one foot forward, Grossman dragged the team back by a few feet.  He played badly and with such play, he is not fit to be a quaterback even at his alma mater – University of Florida.  Lovie, please don’t give this guy any love and make him fight for the starting job in the training camp.

Written by Sudarshan Suresh

February 6, 2007 at 6:24 am

Posted in Football

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