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Cubby curse

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Chicago Cubs signed Soriano for a 8 year 136 million deal. I think it is a very bad decision that will haunt them more than the curse of the Billy Goat. Too much money for too long a time for a player who is good but not great and doesn’t address one of their biggest needs – pitching. Prior and Wood are prone to injuries and Wade Miller is also not dependable. Their only star pitcher in Carlos Zambrano. They play in a division which doesn’t boast of very deep offensive lineups and acquiring good pitching would have put them atop of their division. The reverse might also be true if they say our division has good pitching and hence we need to have good hitting but as cliched as it many sound good pitching and defense always bests good hitting.

It would have made much better baseball sense had they signed a top-of-the shelf starter like Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito, re signed Juan Uribe to lead off or signed Gary Matthews Jr. Long contracts have proven to be killers as the Rangers found out with Alex Rodriguez and Red Sox go through yearly trauma with Manny and the Cubs have fallen into the hole as well.

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Written by Sudarshan Suresh

November 23, 2006 at 12:43 am

Posted in Baseball

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