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Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.


Why am I flashing back maybe it is the “Prassanna Rasam” that I am eating now 🙂

Cut to 2000…

A guy named Bill Clinton was ruling America. I boarded the airplane and was on my way to Tempe, AZ and one of my relatives had reminded a few days before the flight that – “Clinton summa vida mataan. He has built a good economy”… Masters in EE was the reason for the Bon Voyage.

I landed in the United States after some 22 hours of travel. LA airport… flight to Phoenix cancelled. I say “FUCK”. No phone numbers to call…arrived 6 hours late in Phoenix… people who were supposed to pick me up came and left… I am left high and dry in the desert…to add insult to injury, one of my suitcases and predictably, the one which had clothes was lost….spoke to the customer service folks at the terminal and they gave their customary “uh-oh” as a reply….

Thanks to some other soul, I reach “BHARAT BHAVAN” in Tempe. It is a place called Terrace Road Apartments. It is very much like the MIG/HIG (Middle Income Group/ High Income Group) flats you find in Chennai. Only difference this is in America and everything else is the same and that includes the roaches.

I go upto my apartment 205, a place I would call home for three years. A certain dude in his shorts and half cut t shirts( bannian :-)) opens the door and I say I am Sudarshan and he says his name. He invites me inside and I tell him my end of the story. he isn’t surprised as he went thru the same plight three days back. He reassured me that I will get it back sooner than later and offered me some rasam. He is the dude I would live with till I move out of Tempe. Awesome cook and he was the initator of the scatalogical humor that would rock Tempe in the next few years. Also, he is getting his Ph.D.

I had a few friends from my undergrad at ASU- Birds of same feather literally. They lived a few houses away and the news had reached them that the “DUDE” had arrived. I was bathing and even in the thundering noise of the shower, I could hear his voice clearly. He was loud and in his usual smirkish style said ” Bathing and all is enough. Come out. As if you are going to rule the world after bathing”. He was an amplifier with excellent gain characterstics. He had minimum input, maximum output whether it was his voice or his education. He was the “A” man.

I enquired with him about the other two guys( lets call them dudes I and II) who came from my college. he said they both have gone dancing alongwith a certain senior. This senior dude was an artist par excellence in shaking his legs and apparently had enough dance classes to get a Masters in that specilization as well.

He also told me that they were pulling one of my friends who had gone to the dance floor( lets call him dude 1) with a certain Indian girl who came to their apartment and asked him to take her to the nearby Indian grocery store.”Can you take me to I Mart?” she asked, I believe. I had no time for girls especially the Indian variety and I was dead tired. After I ate the moiety of rice with rasam, I hit the bed.

The next morning I wake up late and start calling the airlines. They put me on something called “hold” and play music for hours together. 3 hours and yet no reply. I wasn’t liking the United States after all it has consumed my clothes….

I go around the school and I am pleasantly surprised by the size of the computer center and speed of the internet. I am shown around school by the dude who will share the bedroom with me for the next 9 months.

I go to the grocery store called “SAFEWAY” with another friend of mine and his roomies. His roomies have come with a long list and have made up their mind to save every single of penny. My friend isn’t quite in agreement with them and I see trouble brewing. I buy a lipguard and watch the spaghetti tops, butt shorts while trouble is brewing at the other end…

I come home and go to meet dudes 1 and 2. The first person I meet in dude 1 and 2’s apartment asks me whether I want “DEE”. I say yes and after a few minutes, he gives me a cup of some of the best “Tea” I have heard. This tea would later come to be known as “Devil Dee”.

I chat with Dudes 1 and 2. I am relieved after I see them. Dude1 basically tells me about Dude2’s dancing feat and his moving style. Dude1 introduces me to a guy who is in serious doubt about why he came to America as he is having trouble getting apartment, courses, funding etc. I find him humorous and we share a few laughs. The common bonding was he got his suitcase after a week and also the fact that there was no love lost between him and the dud(pun intended) who was running for US Presidency.

I go home and I am told there are a few people who want to meet me as they have lost suitcases as well. A great way to become popular, I said to myself.In the meanwhile, Miss1 comes to meet my roomate, the dude who made me rasam on the first day. She is attractive but I find her snobbish and on first opinion, she sounds too studious. In a few months, this opinion would change and we get along really well to the extent that we might end up living together for the rest of our lives.

The “LS”[I meant Loud Speaker) guy tells me that I have a lot of work to do the next day and as he would instruct me for the next two years, instructs me to go to sleep ad wake up early.

I do all the necessary/unnecessary paperwork and get back home. I am in AMERICA, baby. In the afternoon. I eat in a place called “Burger King”. They ask me something after I place the order which sounded like the sneeze of a mosquito. In the next few weeks, I would decipher it as “for here or to go”. A Mexican guy calls out my order number “169” and asks whether I want “ranch”…

And it is hot in AZ. I am with two sets of clothing. I realize that I need to something about the suitcase and I decide to go to the airport with a girl, whom I would hate in the next two days, in a previous batch guy’s car. A decision which will make me loathe AMERICA. As soon as I go to the airport, the news is that the suitcase was not in LA.

I share a few more laughs with Dude1, Dude2, LS guy, Bush hater and a few more guys. These sessions would be a regular feature of our lives over the next few months and years.

The next day in the evening, my last roomie arrives. He calls himself Tall, Dark and Handsome. I find him funny and extremely sporting. I was happy that he came to my apartment because he saved me from being the worst “cook” in the house.

Over the next few days, I meet three other folks who would in the next year become my roomies due to destiny. One guy was a good cook, sincere student and was the last bachelor standing in his tribe. He was my age but in his tribe, even at my age, fellas had toddlers. I simply adored him because he came along to my house with atleast a dozen playboy magazines 🙂

“I was born on 17the June” said one guy and I said, so was I. Hence the connection was born. I would remember him for three things in every single birth of mine. 1. His love for Cricket 2. His Limericks and lastly, his least favorite “thing-to-do” cooking..

“Is that Randy Johnson” he would ask pointng to the frst baseman in the next few years. This dude could never be comprehended. He was a mystery of sorts. When I first met him, I thought he was an “Einstien like” genius. The next few months and years would knock him down to the human level. His monetary situation made us nickname him after a casino in Las Vegas…

An year and half later, one more good heart joined the web. We named him after an arachnoid. He is the true definition of deceptive packaging. Short, stocky and extremely lively, he can rib a person like you would never imagine…

[ To be Continued… Stopped because my fingers started showing the strain]

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January 29, 2005 at 2:51 am

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Donald Trump sucks, especially his hair. I have never watched “The Apprentice”. Tonight, I just might.Tempe native goes for it and she is a Sun Devil as well.

I LOVE TEMPE. I went broke often but so what?… There were even times when my bank account was periliously close to a zero dollars but the place just rocked. It is very very hard to get back the times that I spent in the two apartments in the old and dingy Terrace Road Apartments. That was pure fun!!!!

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January 27, 2005 at 6:13 pm

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There is something about Sushmita

I was as open mouthed as she is, when I saw her in this movie…. Posted by Hello

It is 2:00 am in the morning. I just finished watching this movie only because Sushmita was there to say “Main Hoon Na”( of course, I watched it with sub titles). There is nothing great about the movie. Usual Shahrukh Khan fare but Sushmita Sen sizzles in some stylish sarees. Although it is hard to believe that she has taken a role that required her to do nothing but run around trees, she has carried herself really well.

I suggest that you folks get the DVD, watch just the songs and return. The movie isn’t worth it….

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January 26, 2005 at 2:57 am

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President Bush Inaguration Ceremony!!! Photo Courtesy: Posted by Hello


This photo was taken when President Bush was asked to follow on with his second inning. An interesting caption indeed. This is not yet another post from the Bush hater….

I am actually deidcating this blog to the first word…. “FUCK”

Long long ago, when i was in sixth grade, I was introduced to this truly magical word by a friend of mine. My vocabulary of swear words then had included idiot, stupid, dog, monkey and a whole lot of species from the animal kingdom. When I was introduced to the f word, I did not realize the latent potential of this truly powerful word. The friend of mine told me it is something that the adults do with permission as against the more crude version – “RAPE”.

After a while, I never used “fuck” in my everyday vocabulary but I always passed the word along to my friends. In sixth standard, you usually whisper into the ears of your friend and giggle as though you have mastered Shakespeare. Look how times have chnaged, today in 2005, I feel as if I can stand on top of the Everest and just shout “F_U-C-K” on top of my voice.

In all these years, I have also recognized the great importance of this word to her majesty’s language. English would have been poorer if not for this enchanting four letter addition to the webster. The immense potential of this word is so tremendous that it can used to portray a whole gamut of human emotions…

Love: You are so fucking cute



Peace: This place is so fucking silent

Dispproval: This fucking idea will not work

Approval: He is a fucking genius

Joy: This fucking shit works

Sadness: I fucked up

Rivalry: Lets go and beat those fuckers

Friendship: That fucker is a good friend.

Victory: We fucked them

Defeat: We fucking lost

Shock: What the FUCK

Monotony: same old fucking life

Heterosexuality: I fucked her

Homosexulaity: He fucked me

Arrogance: What the fuck, I will do it

Subordinance: I will get fucked.. let me do it.

Relief: The first word I say after I emptying my bowels after a long time is “F-U-C-K”

So, please use this fucking word fucking more often…

Here is a tribute to the genius of the word


Since you all sat through the rather offensive post, here is a bonus

Another picture from the Bush protest rally… Courtesy: Posted by Hello

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January 23, 2005 at 2:28 am

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NY Times Editorial on the flawed Patent Bill

January 18, 2005


India’s Choice

For an AIDS patient in a poor country lucky enough to get

antiretroviral treatment, chances are that the pills that stave off

death come from India. Generic knockoffs of AIDS drugs made by Indian

manufacturers – now treating patients in 200 countries – have brought

the price of antiretroviral therapy down to $140 a year from $12,000.

That luck may soon run out. India has become the world’s supplier of

cheap AIDS drugs because it has the necessary raw materials and a

thriving and sophisticated copycat drug industry made possible by laws

that grant patents to the process of making medicines, rather than to

the drugs themselves. But when India signed the World Trade

Organization’s agreement on intellectual property in 1994, it was

required to institute patents on products by Jan. 1, 2005. These rules

have little to do with free trade and more to do with the lobbying

power of the American and European pharmaceutical industries.

India’s government has issued rules that will effectively end the

copycat industry for newer drugs. For the world’s poor, this will be a

double hit – cutting off the supply of affordable medicines and

removing the generic competition that drives down the cost of

brand-name drugs.

But there is still a chance to fix the flaws in these rules, because

they are contained in a decree that must be approved by Parliament.

Heavily influenced by multinational and Indian drug makers eager to

sell patented medicines to India’s huge middle class, the decree is so

tilted toward the pharmaceutical industry that it does not even take

advantage of rights countries enjoy under the W.T.O. to protect public


In November 2001, members of the World Trade Organization agreed that

countries can issue compulsory licenses to permit generic production

of patented drugs without the patent holder’s agreement in order to

protect public health, at home or abroad. But under the Indian decree,

getting a compulsory license would be slow and difficult; each

application would face a fight from multinational drug firms and the

governments that do their bidding. India should adopt laws that

expedite compulsory licenses, including allowing challenges to proceed

after production begins instead of holding it up. In addition, India

must close an important loophole affecting the sick overseas: under

the current rules, Malawi, for example, could not import from India an

inexpensive version of a medicine that is not under patent in Malawi.

This needs to be changed.

Industry lobbyists managed to insert two noxious provisions in the

decree that go well beyond the W.T.O. rules. The decree would limit

efforts to challenge patents before they take effect. Also, it is

uncomfortably vague about whether companies could engage in

“evergreening” – extending their patents by switching from a capsule

to tablet, for example, or finding a new use for the product. This

practice, a problem in America and elsewhere, extends monopolies and

discourages innovation.

While some drugs – those that existed before 1995 – will always be off

patent in India, some widely used drugs are at risk. So are new

generations of much more expensive AIDS drugs that will soon be needed

worldwide as resistance builds to current medicines. If the decree is

not changed before Parliament approves it, it will be very difficult

for India to supply them. India’s parliamentarians must keep in mind

that this arcane dispute is actually a crucial battleground for the

health of hundreds of millions of people in India and worldwide.

You have read it, if you want to do something about it, please sign the petition at

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January 22, 2005 at 12:14 am

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Kamal had an accident in Old Mahablipuram Road and Jeppiar saw him on the road crying for help, ” I want a doctor, I want a doctor”. Jeppiar understood his needs and said “Don’t Worry Kamal, me giving you the docotor”


I think Jeppiar should let Kamal know that “Boy Boy Mingle, Girl Girl Jingle, Boy Girl no jingle mingle”

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January 19, 2005 at 7:25 pm

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First Shot at poetry…

I watched Beyond Borders On Thursday and was moved by some of the moments at the relief camps. Suddenly, I put on my bard’s hat and wrote this up…

A Wave

Chennai is famous for its beach

Where every tourist reach

Playing knee deep in the water and

building castles in the sand.

We all go to see the beach

For once it came to see us.

It was sunday

after christ’s birthday

many thought it was just another day

until it turned out to be black day

We all go to see the beach

For once it came to see us.

Mother Nature roared out in anger

Leaving many lives in danger

Drowned neck deep in water and

Built tombs in the land..

We all go to see the beach

For once it came to see us.

Some were asking Where am I

Some were asking Who Am I

They called it Tsun Am I

which was not a people’s “ami”

We all go to see the beach

For once it came to see us.

They said another wave would come

and wash away all that stood

Another wave did come

and gave them all that was washed

This time, it was not the water

that came as a wave

It was the love and compassion

that came like a wave

A momentous change of wave

Everyone contributing ONE

to people who lost many

A momentous wave of change

Many have realized that

lighting a candle is better

than blaming the darkness

A noble thought indeed!!!

We all go to see the beach

but never to see the people living close to it

For once the beach came to see us

and brought us all close to each other


If you like it, please credit Gordon Biersch…. 🙂

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January 17, 2005 at 11:57 am

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Sorry Dawwwgggs, you have been FIRED…Blog-A Man’s New Best Friend.

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January 17, 2005 at 11:20 am

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January 16, 2005 at 11:43 pm

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India Shining???– Please give me the person who called the campaign…..

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January 16, 2005 at 10:21 pm

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