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Hail Thee Shane “O” Warne

“Warnie Warnie” was the chant, when one of my greatest supporters and best critc, Vani comes in thinking I was calling out for her and asks me to stop being so ecstatic about an Aussie cricketer. Shane Keith Warne- the synonym for controversy- has done it one more time. He equalled Muralidharan yesterday with his 527th wicket. It is incredible because he plays in Australia where the wickets are suitable to fast bowlers and he has a colleague in Glenn McGrath who has 435 wickets himself. Muralitharan plays in the sub continet where the pitches are more suitable to spinners and SriLanka don’t have a genuine wicket taker other than him and to a lesser extent Vass. I never got to watch his ball of the century live but I watched the ball that bowled Basit Ali around his legs in Sydney, I don’t remember the year maybe my brother does. I can still hear Richie Benaud in my ears – “You wouldn’t believe it, he has bowled him around his legs” . Shane Warne was, is and will be a true magician.

Warne – ‘I’m proud of my efforts’

Written by Sudarshan Suresh

July 14, 2004 at 4:27 pm

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