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The Joy of Childhood

The weekend went quietly. I had to take up a defensive driving class to negate the effects of my overspeeding. It was a long, sleepy session but I came out of it a little bit wiser than before. I was happy even though I had a grudge that the amount of time spent was not proportinal to the amount of knowledge gained. I was at a Potluck on saturday and watched “Couplings”, easily my most favorite TV comedy.

I watched “Perazhagan” on Sunday. It turned out to be quite a decent entertainer. I liked the casual air about the villian of this movie who unlike the usual movie villians did not have thirty people at his beck and call waiting to be beaten up by the heroes scissor kicks, somersaults and what not. Vivek made my heart light with his humor and its time somebody said “Achu”( over) to Aachi.

I played a little bit of cricket which was disrupted quite frequently by two American kids who wanted to join the game as well. I personally feel it is quite difficult to be a child in America. Its not often you get to play in the mud with your friends, fool around in the streets and while away time like you never can. The days of childhood were probably still the best in my memories. I still recollect in soltitude the times when I had homework pending till the last minute, was chucked out of class for calling the next kid by names, cried everytime Boris Becker lost a tennis match, went to each classroom and gave out choclates on birthdays, accompanied my best friend on his birthday, wrote names of the talkative class mates on the board, took my cricket bat and went home just because I was given out.

As Bryan Admas would say ” Those were the best days of my life”

Written by Sudarshan Suresh

June 20, 2004 at 6:53 pm

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